Just Looking

What’s life all about? Is God really there? Has Christianity got any answers? Is it relevant today?

At just looking you get the opportunity to discuss these questions, or whatever else you’d like to explore. We also look at the incredible claims Jesus made about himself.

You can choose whether to join a just looking group to discuss with other people, or meet with someone for a more private conversation.

You can any question at all – and we’ll explore in what way God answers the questions.

Each session will last no more than an hour. If after trying “Just Looking” you decide it’s not for you, then there’s no obligation to keep coming, and no one will pester you.

Here is what we’ll be thinking about.

Who was Jesus?
Why did Jesus die?
Did Jesus rise from the dead?
Forgiveness – for anything?
“I wish I had your faith…”

If you are interested, please contact us