These videos explain our vision – to be a church of disciple making disciples helping everyone take one more step closer to God…

St Thomas' Vision - Week 1

St Thomas' Vision - Week 2

St Thomas' Vision - Week 3

Our Christian convictions, based on our understanding of the Bible, lead us to this manifesto for the ministry at St Thomas’ Church, Kidsgrove.


We aim to make disciples

God’s goal for this universe is for His Son to be praised and glorified by a people He has rescued and transformed. The rescue is achieved by Jesus, received through faith in His death and resurrection, and results in people being delivered from ‘the dominion of darkness… into the kingdom of the Son he loves.” (Colossians 1:13). These people are disciples who now submit to Jesus as their King and teacher, being transformed throughout their lives as they learn from God’s Word, repent of sin and seek to obey Him.


We aim to be a community of ‘Disciple-Making Disciples’

We recognise that disciple-making is God’s work – through the proclamation of His word and the power of His Spirit in people’s lives – and our aim is to allow Him to work through us as a Church Community. All God’s people are called to be disciple-making disciples who:

o Proclaim – God’s word both to non-Christians for their salvation and to Christians for their encouragement and edification.
o Pray – depending on the Holy Spirit to transform lives.
o Partner – with God and with each other to seek growth in the Kingdom.
o Persevere – pressing onward step by step to keep the faith and finish the race.


This means that everything we do as a church is built on these principles to enable proclamation of the word so that people can hear the gospel, come to know Jesus and learn to grow in faith and obedience to him. Central to this will be expository preaching, gathering together for God’s word to be explained and proclaimed, as a model for prayerfully teaching and applying the Bible in individual lives and the life of the whole Church.

Through all of this work, our aim is to help every person to keep taking ‘one more step’ forward in their Christian life.


In summary:

Our aim is to glorify God by growing a community of disciple-making disciples who are being transformed to be like Jesus, through his Spirit, by sharing his Word.