What We Believe

As a Church, our goal is to know Jesus and make Jesus known.

We learn and grow in faith and Godliness through strong biblical preaching and teaching.


We are:

• ordinary people, from many different backgrounds, seeking to be followers of Jesus Christ
• a community, whose foundation is God’s Word, the Bible

We believe:

• that Jesus is who he claimed to be – the Son of God
• that Jesus died to offer us forgiveness, thus restoring our relationship with God for eternity

We want to be committed to:

• serving and glorifying God
• expressing the truth of the Bible in a way that enables God to transform our lives
• showing God’s love by caring for, praying for and encouraging each other
• being active in the ministry of the Church, as we use the spiritual gifts given to us by God

In our wider society, we are dedicated to:

• sharing God’s good news
• affirming and supporting people in their daily lives
• providing an open door and a welcome environment